Self-Slave – Collab Project With Dirty Hyena Art

Self-Love Not Self-Slave

There are phases in life when you feel trapped in your own mind, body or society. When everything feels numb and you cry your heart out because you feel like you don’t know how to escape from this dark place. Sometimes it is about the past you can’t forget. Memories so bittersweet, they don’t let you move forward. Past trauma which keeps you anxious and paralysed. Other times you find yourself in this awful social media spiral of toxic comparison and the feeling of not being good enough. Or maybe it is the struggle with your everyday life and the ongoing external pressures from school or family.

The big, heavy chains have wrapped around your heart, they tear you deeper and deeper into the abyss…

It’s okay to be not okay, you can’t control everything. But remember that in most cases you don’t have to live with those chains. If you feel like a slave to yourself take this as a chance to search for the source. Try meditation, write in a journal, take time for yourself and the things you love to do, treat yourself with good food or a walk in nature, do the things for YOU and don’t live upon others expectations. Most important: Train your mind, so you can blow up the chains that prevent you from loving yourself. Set yourself free.

This is a collab project with Dirty Hyena Art. We created a collection which is now available in my shop. Have a look to see all items. We worked on this project since August and we are really happy to finally show the results.

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